Catching the bus to and from school

Applications for the student puffinpass can be done at any time, please visit the Town Terminus for a form. Also, if you are yet to change to a SENIOR pass, just show the customer service staff your letter of acceptance to stay in full time school education beyond GCSEs or their equivalent.

If the student has forgotten their puffinpass, they will not be charged providing they are in uniform and are travelling between 7am-9am in the morning and between 3pm-5pm in the afternoon. For those students who do not wear uniform, for example those who attend The Grammar School Sixth Form Centre, it is essential a student puffinpass is used at all times for the free travel. Those without school uniform and a student puffinpass maybe charged.

A student puffinpass can only be used by the named person, where an attempt is made to travel by someone different the card will be stopped. A puffinpass must not be defaced in any way. A student puffinpass is not permitted for travel past 9.45pm or for non-standard journeys.

Dedicated school buses carry only students. Teachers and school staff are not permitted to travel on these buses, unless arrangement has been made with both the head teacher and CT Plus, for example a school trip.

Regular service buses may be used by students. Along with young people, these buses will be carrying commuters and other adult passengers.  It is important that those waiting at a stop make it clear they wish to catch the service bus. Being visible, looking at the bus and raising a hand will let the driver know to pull out of the main line of traffic.

When alighting from the bus you must never cross in front of the bus to get to the other side of the road as you may not be seen by other traffic. Wait until the bus has moved away and the road is clear before crossing.

Several schools have taken travel training to ensure confidence and independence while using the buses. Please let us know if your school would like to also benefit from the scheme. For more information about school buses contact CT Plus at or call (01481) 700456.